The German Red Cross implements Macopharma’s THERAFLEX MB – Plasma

Macopharma SA (“Macopharma”) is proud to announce that the Blood Centre of the German Red Cross NSTOB, Springe has chosen to implement the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma Pathogen Reduction System in routine use, to improve the safety of their Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP).The centre plans to treat and issue 2000 plasma units per month from August 2011.

“With the introduction of this technology we enhance the safety and flexibility of the plasma supply in our region. We have learnt from the EHEC (enterohemorrhagic E. coli bacteria) crisis that the clinical demand for plasma can suddenly increase. The THERAFLEX MBPlasma Pathogen Reduction System offers an effective option to adequately respond to this demand” said Prof. T. Müller, medical director of the blood centre.

The THERAFLEX MB-Plasma procedure aims to reduce the risk of pathogen transmission in therapeutic plasma. The MB-plasma process using Methylene Blue dye and visible light was developed in 1991 by the German Red Cross blood centre and was subsequently improved in cooperation with MACOPHARMA to a more user-friendly system, THERAFLEX MBPlasma. The MB-plasma process is in routine use since 1992 with more than 4.5 million MBtreated plasma units transfused worldwide, 2.5 million of these have been treated using the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma system.


The THERAFLEX MB-Plasma System has a Class III CE Mark (available for sale in countries where the CE mark is accepted) and is not currently available for sale in the United States. It is a user-friendly in-house treatment for single units of plasma. The GMP-conforming procedure is adapted for the inactivation of FFP from apheresis or whole blood plasma. The MB plasma system uses a combination of a membrane filter Plasmaflex PLAS4, (which removes residual leucocytes, red cells, platelets and aggregates, intra-cellular viruses and minimises the amount of microvesicles and microparticles), a dry Methylene Blue pill, visible light and a Blueflex Methylene Blue removal filter.


Macopharma SA (“Macopharma“) is an innovator in global healthcare with expertise in the fields of transfusion, where It has become the largest supplier of in-line leucoreduction filtration sets in Europe, and infusion. It is expanding its efforts in the fields of respiratory masks and cellular therapy by developing products for cell expansion, in addition to cell/organ processing and freezing.

Headquartered in the Lille metropolitan area (France), Macopharma has four manufacturing facilities in Europe and their products are sold into more than 70 countries worldwide. One of Macopharma’s aims is to provide a comprehensive range for the pathogen reduction of infectious agents in plasma, platelets and red cells. This is aligned with the Macopharma’s product development strategy of the continuous quest, through partnerships, for improved safety, efficacy, and quality of transfusion, infusion, masks and cellular therapy.

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