Polish military blood center chooses Macopharma’s THERAFLEX MB-Plasma Pathogen Inactivation System

Macopharma SA (“Macopharma”), an innovator in global healthcare and provider of transfusion, infusion and cellular therapy products and solutions, is proud to announce that the Military Blood Center in Poland has chosen the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma Pathogen Reduction System as the exclusive technology to improve the safety of their Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP).

“Today, in Poland, the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma method is already being used routinely by 5 National Blood Centers (Poznan, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz, Bialystok, Olsztyn) and one pharmaceutical company (BIOMED Lublin),” said Ronald De Lagrange Chancel, CEO Macopharma. “This partnership shows the continued commitment and confidence that Poland has in Macopharma products and services.” MB-treated plasma produced with the Macopharma THERAFLEX MB-Plasma procedure is in clinical use in 18 countries worldwide (Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy, UK, Austria, France, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong) and more than 4.5 Million MB plasma units have been treated and subsequently transfused since 1992.

The procedure is a robust, well standardised system lending itself well to the transfusion setting. The pathogen kill power of the system has been demonstrated for a variety of clinically relevant pathogens present in standard FFP. It does not induce either new antigens or grossly reduce the function and life span of the active principles in fresh frozen plasma (FFP). The residual Methylene Blue and its photoproducts are removed by filtration at the end of the process.

“The Military Blood Center assures an important part of the deliveries of blood components and blood products to the Polish Armed Forces. The use of the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma system will allow to increase the level of safety for patients receiving Fresh Frozen Plasma.” said a spokesperson for the Military Blood Center.The Military Blood Bank selected the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma system after thorough invitro evaluations of plasma quality, ease of use and operational efficiency the introduction of the MB-Plasma system will occur in April/May 2011.

About the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma System

The THERAFLEX MB-Plasma System has a Class III CE Mark (available for sale in countries where the CE mark is accepted) and is not currently available for sale in the United States. It is a user-friendly in-house treatment for single units of plasma. The GMP-conforming procedure is adapted for the inactivation of FFP from apheresis or whole blood plasma. The MB plasma system uses a combination of a membrane filter Plasmaflex PLAS4, (which removes residual leucocytes, red cells, platelets and aggregates, intra-cellular viruses and minimises the amount of microvesicles and microparticles), a dry Methylene Blue Pill, visible light and a Blueflex Methylene Blue removal filter.


Macopharma SA (“Macopharma”) (www.macopharma.com) is an innovator in global healthcare with expertise in the fields of transfusion and infusion. It has become the largest supplier of in-line leucoreduction filtration sets in Europe and is expanding its efforts into the cellular therapy field by developing products for cell expansion, in addition to cell/organ processing and freezing. Headquartered in the Lille metropolitan area (France), Macopharma has three manufacturing facilities in Europe and their products are sold into more than 55 countries worldwide. One of Macopharma’s aims is to provide a comprehensive range for the pathogen reduction of infectious agents in plasma, platelets and red cells. This is aligned with the Macopharma’s product development strategy of the continuous quest, through partnerships, for improved safety, efficacy, and quality of transfusion, infusion and cellular therapy.

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