Methylene Blue treated plasma is considered as a safe product in Catalonia, Spain

Tourcoing — December 19, 2014 – A “Letter to the editor” from the Catalonian blood centre in Spain entitled “Allergic and anaphylactic reactions to methylene-blue-treated plasma in Catalonia in the period 2008-2013” was recently published in “Blood Transfusion”.

In Spain, nearly 1.4 million units of MB-treated plasma units were transfused since 1997 without any reported serious adverse events.

The blood centre of Catalonia which is producing exclusively MB-treated plasma stated that for the period 2008-2013, total allergic reactions have decreased and the percentage of severe reactions vs total reactions was stable during the study period. The rate of severe reactions to plasma was always below 1 per 4700 units transfused.

Methylene Blue has been demonstrated to be a safe and effective alternative to other dyes like Isosulfan blue or patent blue violet (used in lymphangiography and sentinel node biopsy as a dye to color lymph vessels) and rarely evokes an allergic response.

Finally, 2008-2013 haemovigilance data from the Catalonian region do not appear to be consistent with the French findings (high rate of allergic reactions notified by the French regulatory body AFSSAPS causing the withdrawal of the MB-treated plasma from the list of authorised blood components from March 2012).

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