Picto_Plasma Principle


Pathogen reduction procedures often rely on the use of different automated devices, and may involve several steps of product transfer and labelling. In order to prevent manual errors such as mislabelling blood products or misidentifying inactivation status, an efficient information system is paramount to control the respect procedures, to track relevant data, and to increase accuracy and standardization of such technologies.

The THERAFLEX Processing Platform is designed to pilot two workflows atthe same time, respectively for THERAFLEX MB-Plasma and THERAFLEX UV-Platelets procedures. The heart of the THERAFLEX Processing Platform is the MacoTrace, a user-friendly Data Management System, connected to the Laboratory Information System (LIS) of the blood bank, that monitors a network of illumination devices, as well as other peripheral devices involved in either of the two workflows.

By providing full traceability of both procedures, and by adapting to the specific process organisation of each blood bank, the MacoTrace secures the critical steps of the product workflow, and increases cost-effectiveness of THERAFLEX pathagen inactivation technologies.

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

The MacoTrace controls both workflows for plasma and platelet pathogen inactivation procedures.