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Clinical experience and worldwide presence

Since 1992, over 5.5 million units of MB-FFP have been transfused in various clinical settings. Currently there is clinical experience with the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma system1 for more than 15 years in more than 19 countries.

Clinical experience of THERAFLEX MB-Plasma: Routine use in Europe, South America and Asia Pacific.

Clinical experience of THERAFLEX MB-Plasma_Map

Countries : Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Malaysia, Argentina, Russia, Belarus, Austria, Brazil, Singapore, Poland, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Hong Kong…

Bibliography : 1/ J. Seghatchian, W.H. Walker, S.Reichenberg. Updates on pathogen inactivation of plasma using Theraflex methylene blue system. Tradfusion and Apheresis science 2008; 271-280.