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The principle of action

The THERAFLEX-MB Plasma system is a photodynamic procedure using methylene blue (MB) and visible light and applied to single donor units of plasma. It employs a 0.65 µm membrane filter (Plasmaflex PLAS4, Macopharma) which removes residual leucocytes, red cells, platelets and aggregates. The filtered plasma dissolves a dry pill of 85µg anhydrous MB chloride which is integrated in the disposable providing a final concentration of 0.8 to 1.2 µM for a volume of plasma between 235 and 330 ml. Aphaeresis plasma is often split into a volume within this range. The illumination is achieved by a microprocessor-controlled device (MacoTronic B2, Macopharma). After treatment, residual MB combined with its photo products are removed by the Blueflex filter.



The single use disposable

The THERAFLEX MB-Plasma kit incorporates a dockable set suitable for both whole blood and aphaeresis plasma. The process requires a simple dry set consisting of :

The initial plasma volume range o be connected to the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma system is 235ml-330ml.



The illumination device

The MacoTronic B2 illumination device

MacoTronic B2 uses light-emitting diodes (LED) with a wavelength of 630 nm and processes 2 units per cycle in 15 minutes. The smaller size of the MacoTronic B2 allows it to be used as a benchtop illuminator.


The MacoTronic B2 illumination device: specifications



Specifications of the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma process

Global overview and specifications of the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma process

* refer to the official guidelines set by the local authorities.


What are the characteristics of the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma process?

Features of THERAFLEX MB-Plasma

Inactivation / Reduction of Pathogens

Cell-and fragment-free plasma

No lookback on donor

Plasma directly available after treatment

Easy process


Benefits of virus-inactivated MB plasma

Raises the safety margin by inactivating pathogens that have gone undetected during screening due to window periods or test errors. Provides a proactive approach, inactivating emerging pathogens before it enters the blood supply chain and before screening tests have been developed and implemented. Single unit treatment preventing cross-contamination. Plasma from local sources in-house and on demand.


Advantages of MB-Plasma


Product quality




Increasing safety and traceability with RFID

RFID TheraflexMacopharma can provide you with RFID option within the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma process:

The use of RFID improves the safety of the process by avoiding possible user mistakes during labeling or proper identification of the bag.


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