Technical documents


Data sheets

The data sheets dedicated to the illumination machines and the THERAFLEX MB-Plasma kit dispenser provide a summary of product information including system description. MacoTronic V4 illumination machine is no longer marketed by Macopharma. This old generation of illumination machines will remain serviced and repaired during a period of 10 years following commercialisation.

Kit Dispenser MacoTronic B2 MacoTronic V4
THERAFLEX MB-Plasma kit dispenser THERAFLEX MB-Plasma: MacoTronic B2 MacoTronic V4

User Manuals

The Macopharma Illuminator Operator’s Manual provides detailed information on the use of the both illumination machines (MacoTronic V4 & MacoTronic B2) troubleshooting, and maintenance requirements.

MacoTronic B2

MacoTronic V4